Detect Cancer Symptoms Early

To prevent cancer is better than to cure one. However, the awareness of people against cancer as well as prevention strategies is still very low. Whereas, detecting cancer early may help treatment in order to more effectively.
How women can reduce the risk of cancer? Papanikolaou test or pap smear, Mammography or breast examinations using low-dose x-ray is extremely important to detect cervical cancer or breast cancer. However these tests are not enough to protect yourself from all types of cancer.
Contact with the radiation, smoke, alcoholic beverages, as well as chronic bacterial infections tend to be a few of the elements recognized to increase risk associated with most cancers. Whilst additional elements might impact the risk from the illness is actually diet plan as well as obesity.
For that, The Times of India renders on their site, the information from Dr. Ashok Vaid, head of the Oncology Institute of the health of Artemis in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, regarding a few of the signs and symptoms associated with most cancers observed in women. If you think the women frequently experience the following indicators, means it is time to visit a doctor.
  1. Drastic weight loss due to unexplainable reasons, lost appetite, or easily tired.
  2. A mouth wound that never heal.
  3. Hard to swallow.
  4. Abnormal Swelling at the neck, down the arm, or in any part of the body.
  5. Breast swelling, abnormal fluid coming out of the nipple.
  6. Coughing quite a long time, sometimes even with blood.
  7. Flatulence or bleeding in the rectum.
  8. Excessive bleeding when menstruation.
  9. Abnormal fluid that comes out through the vagina or bleeding after sex.
  10. Urine or waste that comes with blood.

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