Heart Attack Signs

Heart and blood vessels diseases have long been recognized among the biggest cause of death in the world. Even on the basis of the data, 40 million people globally die each year from this disease.
What concerns, heart disease can result in unexpected death. This needs to be wary because of heart disease can strike anyone indiscriminately.
There are typical signs and symptoms of heart disease which is worth a look out for. Often experiencing tightness in your chest is is one of the typical symptoms of heart disease. If you are experiencing these symptoms, check to see a doctor immediately. So, if you do not immediately get medical help, lives can be bet.
To that end, in order to be aware of heart attack, you need to know the typical symptoms that can appear suddenly:
  1. Sudden pain in the chest behind the sternum or like chest tightness.
  2. Repeated Chest pain in a few minutes (20 minutes or more).
  3. Pain in the form of pressure in the chest, and neck seems to choke up to lead out cold sweat
  4. Suddenly fainted, but could be regained conscious. This happens because there is a heart rhythm disorder
In addition to the typical symptoms of the above, there are some hidden symptoms of heart disease, that feel like gastritis, whereas before never suffer gastric disorders. Is typically sudden symptoms of gastritis appeared in the early days to arise in at 10 am. This occurs because of increased sympathetic dystrophy nervous in the morning.
If you are experiencing these symptoms, try settles down and drink aspirin as a temporary shock medicine. Next, immediately contact your doctor in order to get help immediately.

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